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    Pet Boarding Services Bangalore

    Pet Boarding Service

    Do you have to leave the station and are worried about your pet? Be with us. We are here to give you a pet boarding service. 

    We always have a soft corner for your pets. We cannot see your pets  in trouble. Sometimes you need to go outside for business, career, study, etc. but cannot leave your pets alone.

    If you are going somewhere, you can choose us for the pet boarding service. Our service has been proven as the best in the whole area. We never step back to do our duty properly. 

    Bangalore petcare

    What is a Pet Boarding Service?

    Pet boarding is a popular service nowadays. A pet parent knows the value of a pet boarding service. We are here to provide you with a better experience for your pet dog.

    We offer a safe place where a pet owner can leave his or her pet for a period of time and we take good care of your pet for you.

    Why is Dog Boarding Service important?

    Dog boarding service is very important for a pet parent. There are many reasons why you might need this service. Some of them are listed below:

    • Emergency trip: If you as a pet owner need to go out suddenly, at that time a pet boarding service comes in handy. 
    • Mishap at the house- We do not know when we will face mishaps in our life. At that sudden period, we may be unable to care for our pets. Pet boarding will be the only option for our pets. 
    • Vacations- If you are a businessman/woman, a vacation might be there on your wishlist. But if you have a pet, it will be difficult to make any plans for a long period. So, a Pet boarding service can be the best choice for you. Your pet will be in the right place and you will experience a tension-free journey ahead.


    Bangalore petcare

    This service is so valuable when you are absent frequently. We nurture the dog when you are not with your pet. We maintain our service with better communication with the customers. 

    Bangalore petcare

    How will the service be done?

    Every job has some particular rule to complete the task properly. Dog boarding is not a complicated service. But only a responsible person can do this job well. A service provider has many duties toward boarding a dog.

    We are always ready to take responsibility for a puppy pet. We will respond to your pet’s individual needs too. We serve a comfortable and pocket-friendly service to the customer. 

    Our service packages are divided into three segments. You can choose according to your needs. We focus on the customer’s convenience.

    So, we have set affordable packages for our customers. All the packages are explained below.

    For 1 Day- A Pet owner can opt for 1 day boarding service. They get many benefits in the 1-day service. These benefits are:

    1. Home-made food- Pets get homemade food while they are in our boarding service.
    2. Separate room facility- we provide individual rooms to the pet. It gives comfort to a pet dog.
    3. Brushing or combing- We give a brushing or combing service. It makes them clean and comfortable.
    4. Proper feeding- We feed the dog two times a day.
    5. 24/7 service- We take care of your pet dog 24/7 hours. So, your pet dogs are safe and sound with us. 
    6. No cage or boundaries- We do not tie the dog with rope. And we never keep a pet dog in a cage. Dogs stay in a room with a caretaker. 

    For 10 days- If you are planning for a vacation, do not worry about your pet dog. We are here to care for your lovable pet dog. 

    In this package, we provide all the above mentioned services. And additionally, we offer two services:

    1. Social interaction- We interact with the pet dog socially during boarding time. The pet becomes more familiar with us and our environment.
    2. Grooming- We offer grooming services as well.

    For 20 days or more- We offer pet boarding service for twenty days or more days. We include all the services mentioned in the above package. Your pet dog will get our care and we will nurture it well.

    How do we keep your pets safe?

    We are always busy taking care of your pets. We follow some methods to watch the pets all the time. Those are

    • CCTV Camera- We use a CCTV camera to watch and observe the pet’s activities for the whole day.
    • Fire and police security- We are ready to inform the police or fire station even for a small difficulty. 
    • Professional experts- We choose expert caretakers who are very professional in giving their service. They can handle the pet dogs properly.
    • Vaccinated caretakers- We provide covid vaccinated caretakers for your pets. Safety is always our priority.
    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    What is required to submit for getting the boarding service?

    If you are a pet- parent. You need to submit some materials to the boarding service providers. They are detailed below:

    • Favourite toys- If you give 2 or 3 toys, your puppy will enjoy it a lot and he will feel more comfortable.
    • Foods- If you bring the pet food for your dog, that will be better for the pet’s safety.
    • Medicines- you must bring medicines and supplements for your pet dog. It is necessary to provide proper nutrients as per the needs of the pet’s body. 
    • Original documents- Submit all original documents to the boarding service holders. Medical or fitness proofs and previous records are crucial to understanding a dog’s health.

    Why choose us?

    We are offering the best dog boarding service. And we always keep our customers satisfied. If you will choose us, we will try our best to keep your pet happy and healthy. 


    Pet dogs are a part of the family. It is very common to worry about your pets when you plan to go somewhere or cannot attend to them because of an emergency. Our dog boarding service is safe and affordable for everyone. If you are thinking about making a plan, we will take the responsibility to keep your dog safe and happy. 

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