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    Pet Day Care Services Bangalore

    Best Dog Day care service for your beloved furry baby:

    Most people have one or more furry members in their house. Some of them are dog lovers while some of them are cat lovers. Both are treated like family members in the house. Dogs and cats develop an emotional bond with their owners that is irreplaceable.

     Cats can groom themselves and hardly require any maintenance but the same cannot be said for dogs. That is why dogs need more time and care and sessions like daycare, grooming, etc. If you are a pet parent and are concerned about your dog’s health then please visit us. We are here to provide you with the best information and services regarding dog day-care. Our experts give top rated advice on how to  take care of your dog. 

    Bangalore petcare

    What is a Dog day-care service?

    Dog day care refers to short-term daytime care for dogs and puppies. This service shares many similarities with regular daycare for children with the exception being that a Dog Day Care is for canines. When parents become busy with their hectic schedules, they appoint a babysitter to take care of their baby. In a similar fashion, pet parents appoint pet sitters to take care of their fur babies. 

    Why is Dog daycare important?

    The concept of Dog Care has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. If you are a dog parent and are unable to give much time to them, then do not worry as you can avail our Dog Day Care Services. Let’s check out how our dog daycare service benefits your furry baby: 

    • Relieve boredom: As young dogs and puppies are naturally curious and active, they need to release their energy. Our quality Dog Day Care program will offer healthy activity and stimulation for your dog which helps negate negative behaviours like chewing, excessive barking, howling, potty accidents, threading carpets, furniture, etc.
    • Exercise: Exercise helps the dog to release its energy and also boost immunity, fitness and overall good health. Our dog day-care service will provide the best exercise routine to your pup. 
    • Peace of mind: Our Dog Daycare service is an excellent alternative to leaving your pet at home alone as we provide your beloved pet with plenty of space, exercise and mental stimulation while you are away.
    • Human attention: Dogs and cats both love attention from their parents. Especially dogs, they like more pampering. When you are away, our Dog Day-care service will  give extra attention to your dog or cat making them feel less lonely.
    • Safety: Dogs and cats are curious and love to explore new things. Because of their excessive curiosity, sometimes they meet with unfortunate accidents. Our daycare service has all kinds of safety measures that will keep your pet safe and secure. 
    • Reduce separation anxiety: When you leave your dog at home alone then they feel very lonely and this leads to anxiety and negative behaviour. Our Dog Daycare service will provide very good company to your pet so that they do not feel lonely and anxious.
    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    What is the eligibility criteria for a dog daycare service?

    Are you looking for a pet daycare service near you? Then you came to the right place. It is time to get your precious pooch out of the house for the day, for some essential exercise, healthy socialisation, and plenty of fun with their new four-legged friends. Imagine taking your dog to a cage-free dog park where every dog is friendly and is constantly monitored by staff members who are exclusively trained in dog behaviour and social interaction. Our dog daycare service is exactly like that. And we are sure that your dog will be very happy and you will be relieved after seeing our arrangement.


    If you want to be a part of this great dog daycare camp then you have to follow the below conditions to be eligible: 

    • Greeting test: The first step toward being accepted by our Dog Day-care service is to complete our greeting test. It is a 30-minute proficient behaviour assessment to determine your dog’s current level of separation anxiety and social confidence as well as their ability to interact with other dogs in our park.
    • Puppies need to be at least 4 months old to qualify for our services 
    • Your pet should be spayed and neutered if it is over 6 months old. 
    • Should be vaccinated with all required vaccinations like DHLPP, Rabies and should have an authentic vaccination card.
    • Dogs and puppies that are comfortable with people and other dogs are always welcome here.

    Services and pricing: 

    We provide several packages at pocket-friendly prices. Here are all the details: 

    • Half-daily day-care service: The duration of this service is 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. After 11 a.m. the entry will be closed. Services open from Monday to Friday and we do not offer half-day service on Saturday. 
    • Full-day day-care service: Our full-day dog daycare service picks up your pet after 1:00 p.m. and is available from Monday to Friday. You can purchase the  full-day service for a particular day or as one of our multi-package deals. 
    • Saturday daycare service: For our client’s convenience we offer a special Saturday dog daycare service from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This service must be reserved in advance. New clients must complete the greeting test and required trial days before scheduling our Saturday dog day-care service.
    • “Super Camp buddy” package with unlimited day care+2 free Nights: It is a special package for our most frequent customers. This package offers unlimited care for 30 days and includes our half days, full days and even Saturdays. We also throw in free boarding Nights to be used in the same period so that you can enjoy your  time peacefully.
    Bangalore petcare

    Why should you choose us? 

    We know how emotionally attached you are to your pet and we truly respect that. We always provide all the necessary care and attention that you wish to give to your furry friend. Our experts are all certified in dog behaviour and socialisation. Our pet handlers know how to handle all kinds of dog breeds in a friendly way. 

    • All the pets play in a custom-built, 4000 square feet out the dog Park complete with a waterfall, play pool, play sets, and plenty of Shades. 
    • Four separate yards with 100% supervision by dog-loving handlers specifically trained in dog behaviour and safety. 
    • Our daycare services and experts ensure all dogs feel happy and confident with all their buddies in Day Care or overnight dog boarding. 
    • Pet parents have a full view of their pets at play via our free live stream facility. 

    What is the outcome of the Dog daycare service?

    After availing our daycare service you will notice several positive things in your dogs.

    • They will become less aggressive and will be more friendly with other people and other dogs as they make new friends daily at our park.
    • As your pup or dog gets all the pampering attention from our friendly handlers they will not feel lonely and depressed. 
    • As your dog or pup expends their energy in our park they will stay calm and sober at home and will disturb you less.
    • Mental and physical health will improve as our experts follow scientific methods in caring for your pet at our daycare service. 


    We know that due to your hectic lifestyle you cannot give proper time to your furry child. Because of this, you both feel disturbed. But our exclusive dog daycare service will make both of you happy. You can concentrate on your work as you know your four-leg child is enjoying a wonderful time in our park with new human and lovely furry friends. 

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