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    Pet Spa Services Bangalore

    Pet Spa services

    Just like us humans our pets seek to emulate us. They too like it when they wear shirts or sunglasses. You will find many clips and videos on YouTube where many loveable pets are sporting the latest fashion just like their pet parents. In the same way, your adorable dog or cat will enjoy a good spa treatment.

    What is a spa treatment?

    A spa treatment is a one stop solution that takes care of all the grooming needs of your pet. We provide professional services so that your pet can feel and look like a million bucks. A usual spa treatment includes bathing your pet in hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioning their coat. Removing the excess fur and giving them a good groom. Trimming their nails and massaging them. Cleaning their ears and brushing their teeth. After undergoing one of our spa sessions your pet will feel healthy and rejuvenated. 

    Bangalore petcare

    Pet maintenance services

    Grooming a pet and maintaining it is no easy task as our beloved furry friends don’t understand our good intentions. Though most pet owners often opt to groom their pets at home they find that they have bargained for more than they can handle.

    Pets often squirm and try to squeeze their way out, making the process of grooming them even more difficult. This is especially the case when you try to cut their nails. Most accidents happen when you are trying to cut their nails and they end up squirming. 

    Many owners accidentally cut the ‘quick’ blood vessel which runs through their nails leading to a lot of bleeding and pain for their dogs. Such episodes will stress you and your dog as well. All this can be avoided when you avail our services where we take great care while trimming.  Our services are also very friendly on your wallet.

    Why is a grooming service needed?

    Your pets like to be clean and tidy just like their owners. Don’t let their antics like running in the mud and water puddles fool you.  A dog or cat needs to be clean at all times or they will attract many types of diseases. 

    Thankfully, with cats grooming is not a problem as many of them carefully groom themselves. But the same cannot be said for dogs. They need to be groomed regularly to maintain their coat and skin. 

    Otherwise their playful lifestyle catches up with them and they end up attracting many parasites like ticks, fleas, etc. They also end up getting their skin infected which leads to a lot of shedding and a lackluster coat. 

    A simple groom with an effective hypoallergenic shampoo will resolve all of the above issues leaving your dog happy and healthy. A grooming session is required to keep your dog clean and it is beneficial for its hygiene. It also drives the bad odor away from your dog. 

    If you have a crazy schedule and aren’t able to find the time to groom your dog properly then please don’t hesitate to contact us and book an appointment. We offer customized services based on the breed and size of the dog. The various services we offer are listed in the next section.

    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    The services we offer

    Depending on the size and age of the dog we have various packages. In all our grooming packages we include nail clipping, trimming, bathing and grooming, and a cure for shedding, in case your beloved furry friend is shedding excess fur. 

    • Nail clipping: Clipping the nails of your pup regularly is required to have a healthy posture and foot structure. If this is neglected then the nails can grow into the paw pads causing infection and pain to your dog. 
    • Trimming: Grooming and cutting the excess fur is required especially in breeds where the fur starts to act like an eye mask.  Trimming the excess fur can help with the overgrowth around the eyes. Trimming excess fur around the ears as well  is essential, otherwise it will lead to the accumulation of wax in the ears
    • Shedding of fur: In dogs shedding is seasonal and they shed excessively when they are in season. But sometimes dogs shed excessively throughout the year. There can be a number of reasons contributing to this. We offer grooming services where we make use of shampoos that restrict the shedding of the fur and improve the coat of your dog. 

    We offer a complete grooming package that takes care of your dog’s needs. We use the right tools that are thoroughly sterilized to give your dog the best experience. We are professionals and create a stress free environment for your dog so that it is relaxed and co-operative. 

    We handle your pet comfortably without stressing them too much and we make sure to use only the best products on your beloved pooch. We will inform you about the shampoo and the conditioner we are using on your dog and let you in on the whole process. 

    How long is the duration of the groom?

    The duration of the groom depends on the size, breed and the temperament of your pet. You can expect the grooming session to take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. We book grooming sessions that are spread throughout the day giving ample time for our groomers to carefully groom your dog without feeling rushed. 

    And for this reason we don’t encourage walk-ins. We prefer if you book an appointment with us so that we can provide the attention and care your pet deserves. Cancellation charges are levied if you cancel the appointment at the last minute. If you are unable to show up at the appointed time then we can reschedule the appointment at a convenient time for you.

    Bangalore petcare

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I book a groomer for my dog?

    You can request for a specific groomer and based on the availability we will assign them to you. All our groomers are professionals who have many years of experience under their belt. You can be rest assured that your pet is in safe hands. 

    How is an ear infection caused in dogs?

    An ear infection is caused due to bacteria and germs like yeast, mites and fungus. You need to clean your pet’s ears regularly to avoid these problems. We offer professional ear cleaning services where our groomers clean the ears of your pet thoroughly and dry them well so that there is no moisture left. 

    Should I need to prepare my pet mentally to visit a groomer?

    There is no common answer for this question. It depends on your pet’s temperament and how sociable they can be. It is in the best interest of your pet to first familiarize them with the grooming equipment before bringing them in. Our groomers are all professionals who are trained in handling animals, especially dogs.

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