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    Pet Taxi Services Bangalore

    Pet Taxi Service

    Do you have to travel with your pet, but don’t have a car? Are most taxi services cancelling on you when they realize you will be travelling with your pet? Is it a hassle to travel in the city along with your pet? Then look no further because we provide the best pet taxi services in Bangalore.

    We understand that your pet is your family and you would like to travel with your pet everywhere. Keeping this in mind we created the pet taxi service which caters exclusively for pets and their pet parents.

    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    What is a pet taxi?

    If you have always wanted to travel with your pet and don’t know how to go about it then you need not worry as we have launched pet taxi services. Not owning a vehicle is hardly a reason to restrict yourself from travelling and enjoying with your pet. This is especially true in case you need to rush your pet to the vet for medical emergencies. 

    A pet taxi is a vehicle that is used only for ferrying you and your beloved pet around the city to your desired location. Be it short trips or long, we take good care of you and your pet while you avail our services. We provide safe pick-up and drop and are gentle and friendly with your pets. Your pets won’t feel the strain of travelling and can enjoy riding in our vehicles without any hassle. 

    Services we offer

    We provide different cabs depending on the age, size, and breed of your pet. Our drivers are well versed in handling different animals and can take care of your pets even when they become temperamental. 

    We pick you and your furry friend up at your doorstep and drop you at the desired destination. Throughout the journey, we do our best to make your pet and you feel comfortable. We provide water and food in case your pet gets hungry or thirsty. 

    We even offer our services to ferry you and your dog to and fro from the airport.  We also provide for intercity commuting. You can easily book our services online and we will immediately assign you a vehicle at the designated time and place. We have AC and non-AC vehicles and we can ferry up to two pets per pet parent. The toll charges should be borne by the pet parent and aren’t included in the cab fare. 

    If you want to transport your pet to a particular location we will happily oblige and if you aren’t able to accompany your pet during the journey we will even provide a companion for your pet who is a dedicated pet handler and will do their utmost to make your pet comfortable throughout the journey.

    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    How to book a pet taxi?

    Booking a pet taxi is easy and you can avail our facilities online as well. We give the utmost priority to you and your pet as this service is exclusively for them. You need to book in advance and schedule a time and place for us to pick you and your pet up. 

    We offer personalized service according to the preference and comfort of your pet. You can avail of our service only with a prior booking. We charge budget-friendly rates that are light on your wallet so that you can enjoy a scenic ride with your pet guilt-free. 

    Procedures we follow

    We take all precautions to make your pet feel safe and secure with us. After every trip we clean the vehicle so that the vehicle is sanitized and ready for the next trip. We keep pet snacks and water handy in case your pet gets hungry or thirsty during the journey. We maintain an even temperature inside the vehicle so that your pet can easily adjust to the environment.

    Our vehicles are spacious and there is plenty of leg space for your pet to move around comfortably. Our experienced drivers know how to handle animals and are comfortable with different types of pets. They understand the requirements of your pet and cater accordingly without causing them much stress. They make the journey as enjoyable as possible for your pet.


    Bangalore petcare


    When can I avail the service of a pet taxi?

    You can avail the service at your convenience. But we prefer prior booking and encourage most of our clients to do the same as this will help us prepare the vehicle for your pet.

    What can I expect from a pet taxi service?

    A pet taxi service is made for your pet’s convenience. You can expect friendly drivers who know how to handle different animals. You can also expect a clean vehicle waiting at your doorstep to ferry you and your furry friend to your destination.

    Do you offer personalized pet taxi services?

    Yes, we do offer personalized pet taxi services. If you tell us in advance of any conditions, at the time of booking we will prepare accordingly so that you and your pet can have a comfortable journey.

    Is there anything I need to do before the start of the journey?

    There is no single answer to this question. Each pet is different and has a different temperament. We advise our clients to finish the potty business of their pet before boarding the vehicle so that the vehicle doesn’t get dirty. 

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