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    Pet Vaccination Services Bangalore

    Pet Vaccination Services

    Vaccinating the pets, be it a cat or a dog, is very important. It is also mandated by the government to vaccinate all pets against rabies. Most pet clinics and veterinary hospitals provide this service. Vaccines contain antigens that mimic disease causing microbes and stimulate the immune system to fight against these antigens.

    They are quite effective in safeguarding the pets’ health and will increase the chances of fighting infections and diseases better. They also reduce the risk of transmission between animals. The process of vaccination starts in the puppy stage itself and is then given in regular intervals.

    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    Affordable Pet Vaccination in Bangalore

    Pets bring great joy and solace to their owners. Their health is of paramount concern to any owner and vaccines play a huge role in keeping them healthy and well protected. Vaccines are classified as core vaccines and non core vaccines. We as a  pet clinic have pocket friendly plans which contain core and non core vaccines that can be bought as a package. 

    These vaccines are affordable and are administered by the vets who make it as painless as possible for the adorable pets. Vaccination can be done at home as well. The vet can visit home and vaccinate the pet according to the schedule and dose.


    Pet doctor home visits have become very common and whenever the owners can’t make a trip to the pet clinic they rely on the vets to make a home visit and vaccinate the pet.

    Pet vaccination at home Bangalore

    Pet vaccination is one of the simplest procedures of a pet clinic and can be done in the convenience of the pets’ home. The hassle of waiting with the pet at the clinic is forgone as the vet visits home to vaccinate. Most vaccinations are accompanied by a physical examination to determine the overall health of a pet.

    Vaccination at home can be made as simple as calling up the pet clinic and registering for the vaccine at a scheduled time that is convenient for both the pet owner as well as the vet. The pet doctor then arrives at the designated time to vaccinate the pet and also educate the owner on the local laws regarding mandatory vaccines.

    Bangalore petcare

    Economical vaccine packages can be worked out at the pet clinic so that the pet owners can continue with the vaccination programme as scheduled.

    Bangalore petcare

    Pet vaccination near me

    Vaccinations are very important as they help combat many diseases and keep the pets safe. They are an excellent line of defense against various diseases and not only safeguard the pets but they also protect them from other animals bites and prevent them from harming people.

    There are many laws mandating vaccines and no pet owner should skip their pets’ vaccines. Vaccines generally begin around 6-8 weeks of age and are continued every 3-4 weeks till the series is completed. Once the pet becomes an adult, vaccines are administered annually.


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