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    Pet Walking Services Bangalore

    Dog walking: A happy time for your Dog:

    Are you a pet parent? Are you conscious of your pet’s health? Then choose our services, we cater to all your pets’ needs including dog walking. Our exclusive advice and expert care will leave no stone unturned.

    What is Dog walking?

    Dog walking is no rocket science but a person needs to take care while walking your dog. A person who walks with your dog and becomes its companion, is called dog walking. They walk in the residential area and after a particular time, they return home. 

    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    Why is Dog walking so important? 

    Walking is highly beneficial for your dog and puppies. Hire our expert Dog handlers and join our dog walking program. Many benefits are attributed to walking your dog daily devoid of which your dog becomes restless. The impact of regular exercise on your dog’s health is listed below:

    • Become lethargic: Your puppy or your dog will become very lethargic without proper walking making them less active. Our dog walking session will make your dog less lethargic and more active. 
    • Anti-social behavior: Antisocial behavior will develop if your dog is not walking. Within the house, they can be familiar only with family members, not with outsiders. They build comfort only with the family. After some time, your dog will not be comfortable with outsiders and will never allow them in your house. Gradually they will fear strangers and will bark loudly even in front of guests. Through our dog walking sessions your dog will be introduced to strangers and they will learn how to socialize calmly. 
    • Health Challenges: Our walking sessions will be outdoors and your dog can enjoy the fresh air. When your dog is outside, they can adjust to the natural environment. This will improve their health as nature offers various health benefits. Your dog will become stronger and more immune so small health issues wont impact them. 
    • Aggression is increased: Our dog handler will play, run, and walk with your dog so that it expends its energy. As dogs are highly energetic animals, they need to expend their energy by playing or walking. Otherwise, they will be restless and this will lead to more aggressive behavior.  You have to control their aggression by walking them outside. 
    • Mental health issues: Do you know dogs are too sensitive and can be depressed if they feel neglected? If your dog spends the whole time at home then mental issues will be seen. Your dog will become moody. Even normal things like eating and sleeping will be hampered because of its temper. Our dog walking session will be very friendly for your dog or puppy. Our dog expert will handle your pet with love and care. Only proper care and walking can improve their mental health.
    • More Obedient: Our expert will introduce new things to your dog to control their curiosity. They will be safe and happy with our dog handler during the walking sessions. Cats and dogs are very curious by nature and a cat can satisfy curiosity independently but a dog cannot. As they love to explore new things outdoor walking sessions are required.

    How is dog walking done?

    We always follow scientific methods for our pet walking sessions. Our dog handlers are experts in handling dogs and cats. They follow every step of the dog walking procedure with extra care.They are sensitive as well as very entertaining toward your dog. Since you love your pets as much as your child;  it is our responsibility to care for them on behalf of you. Our experts do not set your dog free without proper caution. If you want you can join our expert during the dog walking session. The dog walking procedure will be done carefully and it will be interesting for both you and the dog.

    We offer three kinds of packages for Dog walking procedures. You can choose our dog walking packages according to your budget. The available packages are as follows:


    Bangalore petcare

    One-time dog walking per day:

    1. In this package, your dog will walk for 25 minutes per day with our handler. 
    2. You can track their walking route with a GPS tracker easily. 

    After returning  home our handler will clean the paws and also comb the fur. Cleaning the paws and combing the fur is necessary as the dust from outside can make house dirty and unhealthy. 

    Two times walking per day:

    1. In this package, our handler will take your dog for a walk twice per day. The time duration will be 25 mins every time. 
    2. Other services like cleaning and combing are also included here and you can track your Dog via a GPS tracker as well.

    Three-time walking per day:

    1. In this package our dog handler will take your dog walking three times a day and that time duration will be 25 minutes every time. The services mentioned above will be included in the package.
    Bangalore petcare

    How long will the dog walking process be?

    Our expert dog handler will give proper time to your dog during the walking session. Generally, the walking time for the dog depends on its size and weight. If your dog is a large breed then it needs more walking time. Apart from the size and breed every dog needs at least 20 to 25 minutes of walking every day. As your dog is free at home; it is important to make them get used to a harness. Without a harness, taking your dog outside can be extremely dangerous. As dogs are curious, they will start walking randomly without listening to you. It will take at least two days to make them comfortable with a harness.. Gradually they will get used to a harness and will walk calmly with you or the dog walker. After walking, it is important to clean their paws and fur. It will take at least 15 mins to clean them properly. Approximately 45 minutes are needed to complete the dog walking procedure. We will maintain all the conditions according to the contract.

    What will be the outcome of the Dog walking service?

    Our daily walking sessions will bring huge changes within your dog which can be easily noticed.

    • Your dog will become more energetic and will also know how to control its excess energy. Not only that, they will not show aggression against other dogs and will be interested in playing.
    • Gradually your dog will start to welcome your friends and guests. Instead of barking aggressively, they will ask for cuddles from your friends and guests.
    • They will start listening to you and will eat properly and sleep well  without showing any signs of irritation or depression.
    • They will show happiness and excitement whenever they see the harness as they will know that it is the time for walking. 
    Bangalore petcare
    Bangalore petcare

    Why choose us?

    We are the best walking partner for your dog. Our service is open 24 hours for you and your pet. Our experts know how to handle dogs of various types starting from Indie to foreign breeds. We know how emotionally attached you are to your little one so we always try to keep our customers happy. Many of our happy clients have rated our services the best. We are willing to have you as our new customer and your dog as our new friend. 


    Every pet parent is emotionally connected with their furry child and always wants to give their best. Due to a fast paced lifestyle, not everyone can give quality time to their dog. So, if you cannot give time to your dog then book our dog walking service as we are professionals. After our daily dog walking session, you will see great changes with your dog, both physically and mentally. With a strong and loving bonding, you and your dog will share a wonderful time.

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