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    Vet on Request Services Bangalore

    Medical emergencies cannot be predicted. Especially when they happen to pets. Pets like cats and dogs are more prone to accidents because they are quite active and are always in search of trouble. Recognizing this we offer home visits to their vets along with our in-clinic services.

    Sometimes the pet is too weak to make the trip to the pet clinic and their owners don’t want them to be uncomfortable and risk infections. This is when pet doctor visits come in handy as the vet themselves make a house call and visit the patient. 

    Requesting a house call is easy and simple. Pet clinics provide this service online as well via their websites. The pet owners can schedule the call over there or they can directly contact the clinic and set up an appointment with the vet. 

    Many benefits can be attributed to a house call. The pet owner doesn’t have to wait in waiting rooms with their pets to see the doctor. This is especially true in the case of cats, where most cats are locked in their crates at the pet clinic. Also, pet owners can avoid driving through traffic along with their pets to see the vet.

    The pet is comfortable as the vet examines and treats them in the comfort of their home. The call can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for both the doctor as well as the pet owner. And this experience is pleasant and stress free for both the pet owner as well as the pet. 

    These services are affordable and we charge rates similar to our in-clinic services. These services can be availed at no extra cost and it makes life easier for the pets. 

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